45 Customized Thank You Notes with your Trader Kat Name (+ more)

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Thursday, Jan 09, 2020 09:16:02 AM

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45 Customized Thank You Notes with your Seller Name for Five Auction Sites

Exclusively on Trader Kat! 

Available for: Trader Kat, Mercari, Listia, Etsy & eBay
If you want any of these please let me know or I will automatically print for Trader Kat. 

You don't have to write a note, just tape one of these to your item. They are blank on the back if you want to write a small note.

These are the Thank You Notes I make for myself, I can make them for you. They will let your customer know who shipped the package and encourage them to leave feedback.

I will take my art and add your own personal seller name at the top. 

I will print out 5 sheets, 9-up each and cut down into threes to fit nicely in a business envelope. You will need to do the final cuts. I would have to ask more points if I cut them. Every Thank You Note has a thin blue line, around the edge to guide you when you cut to the final size. After cutting there will be 45 finished notes roughly 3.5" X 2.5" in size. 

All Trader Kat rules apply. No refunds or buyer's remorse. I ship within the USA only. I will only ship to the address on the finished auction page. 

Unless you tell me differently I will add your Trader Kat name exactly the way it is on the BID HISTORY of the auction page.

Shipping will be FREE by 1st Class mail.

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