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s for you and your choice in a hand knitted Bella mitten you have come to the right page!!! because whether your walking in the woods with a handsome and sparkling vampire or hanging out with a hot werewolf while your trying to forget about the sparkling vampire lol you will need a pair of these awesome mittens and and you may be wanting to get some early Christmas shopping done so perfect !!!These mittens are knitted using Red Heart yarn in 100% acrylic and and go to just below the elbow. If your feeling nostalgic about the Twilight movies and would like something to remember them by then how about a hand knitted hat? Its inspired by the one that Bella wore in Twilight during the Beach scene when Jacob and Bella were walking and talking about the history surrounding Forks. I made my daughter a hat during the summer and she loves it. It is very durable,machine washable and will keep your head warm for the duration of the winter. This hat comes in S,M,L and Once you receive your mittens they can be cared for by just hand washing with any detergent and air drying if the preferred method. Though a few minutes at a low setting in a dryer will be ok as well Sizing is as follows for mittens S 9" vertical 3" horizontal M 11" vertical 3 1/2" horizontal L 13" vertical 4" horizontal Hat sizing S 19" around M 21" around L 23" around

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