Charger Block for cell phone

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Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 04:45:01 AM

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Charging block for cell phone. Powerbank.

I picked these up at a trade show. I have one left over. You just charge it and place it in your back pocket or purse and when your out and about and low on charge for your phone plug up just like a charger and get some power.

These are great to bring to sport events, kid’s practices, out at parties, shopping etc. 

My phone is always low on power when I need it most. We have many of these.

Note- it has an advertisement of the company that gave them out.

It was free to me although these sale doesn’t $20 and up. I will price to cover shipping! 

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RikkiG - high bidder!
Oct 05 2022, 5:50:13 AM