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Chuck E. Cheese's 500 Ticket Voucher!! $5 worth of tickets!!

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Saturday, Jan 18, 2020 06:40:02 PM

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Up for auction today is one voucher for 500 Chuck E. Cheese Tickets! This voucher can only be redeemed while checking out so you will need to make a purchase to use them. The cash value of the tickets in the Chuck E. Cheese prize store is .01 per ticket so this is a $5 value!!

Note: This voucher will have an expiration date of two weeks after I send it to you, so if you want to buy one for a party in advance let me know the date and I will make sure to send it to you around that time.  If that is the case please send me a message right after winning the auction

I will send the voucher out within 12 hours of the auctions end unless instructed to wait. The voucher will need to be printed out to use. Feel free to ask any questions here and don't forget to check out my other listings. Good luck and happy bidding!

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