#17 Fresh Bellies, Snack Snap Pea Cumin Freeze Dried TIN 4 TWO

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Friday, Sep 24, 2021 08:13:22 AM

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#17 Fresh Bellies, Snack Snap Pea Cumin Freeze Dried, 0.75 Ounce TIN 4 TWO!

I get these from Whole Foods-will ship from my home to you.

 •️ •   ~  ️ •  ~  ️ •   ~ ️ •   ~

 Smoke/pet-free home-following all standard sanitary precautions, and using clean packaging.
 I ship every day either via USPS or UPS or directly from other vendors, with tracking.
 All TK rules apply and I appreciate a timely response on delivery confirmation and feedback.
⚫ All sales final, no buyer's remorse!

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Sep 21 2021, 12:47:42 AM