Large Trash Can Rubber Band. Fits up to 13 Gal Can.

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Friday, Dec 16, 2022 22:57:51 PM

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KEEP YOUR TRASHCAN BAG IN PLACE! Fresh and Brand New.Large Trash Can Rubber Band.   Fits up to 13 Gal

7" x 1⁄8"  Rubber Band

* Durable top quality, Proudly Made in the USA* 

  •  Rubber band is highly durable and 100% latex-free.Band is made using a type of rubber that is highly resilient to sunlight and Ultra Violet rays, heat, ozone, weather and age;
  •  Rubber band is flat and it grips, especially the liners, very well;
  • There are no creases in this rubber band that will collect germs or dirt unlike others, so it will not feel yucky after a few uses. You may wash it with soap and water to keep it fresh and sanitary.
  • It is  sized perfectly: small enough to use for very small jobs and elastic enough to use for much bigger jobs;
  • It stretches easily up to 51-inch circumference;

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