You Too Can Be A Backyard CHICKEN FARMER. E-Book Format on CD

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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 07:00:05 PM

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You Too Can Be A Backyard CHICKEN FARMER. E-Book Format on CD

Has the economic doom and gloom got you totally stressed out? Do you wish you could work out how to save a little more money? Have you always wanted animals, but thought you could never afford to keep them?

There is a simple way to put your needs and your wants together and reduce your stress levels at the same time. Reading Backyard CHICKEN FARMER will teach you all you need to know about raising and keeping chickens, both for the fun of keeping feathered friends and how these chickens can save you money.

The purpose of reading Backyard CHICKEN FARMER is to give an overview of some of the options available to you. Have you ever wondered just how difficult it might be to raise chickens successfully? Perhaps you have only a small yard, or maybe you think that they would simply fly away. If so my E-Book, You Too Can Be A Backyard CHICKEN FARMER, is just what you need. It gives you what you need to know!

Get the answers you need in easy to read, simple language.  Backyard CHICKEN FARMER removes the obstacles and helps you gain confidence in how to raise these cute and hardworking egg factories.


The CD, that I will send, has a lot of empty space on it so I will include over 100 specialty chicken books, pamphlets and manuals. These are real books that have been converted to PDF format. Read Backyard CHICKEN FARMER first and then explore my FREE SPECIAL BONUS section.

I am the Author/Editor/Publisher of Backyard CHICKEN FARMER. It may not be purchased for resale. This E-Book does not come with Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights. It is the sole property of Thompson Studios.

This E-Book will be sent to you on a CD by 1st Class Mail. It will work on all Windows based computers. Sorry, it will not work on a Mac. All my E-Books are stand-alone programs with the look and feel of reading a real spiral bound notebook, no special software needed. It is not in a PDF format.

As with all digital products, if the CD sleeve or seal has been opened no refund will be made. If you decide that you do not want my E-Book please do not open. Just contact me within 3 days to inform me of your decision. Mail back in a sturdy envelope, at your expense, and I will quickly refund your purchase price less original shipping charge and handling.

How to run the E-Book. Insert in your CD/DVD drive. Every computer is different. Basically click on the link that pops-up to start the program. You can start it directly from the CD or copy to your hard drive.

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