Policies and Rules

What can and cannot you list?

What you CAN and CAN’T list. Trader Kat has created a list of prohibited items and reserves the right to delete any listings containing these items or similar items without any notice to you. Trader Kat reserves the right to delete any listings that appear to be illegal, fake, fraudulent, misleading, incomplete and inappropriate or duplicates at our discretion and without notice or explanation. It is the individual seller’s responsibility to uphold any contracts or conditions tied to an item. Trader Kat is not a party to these contracts. We do not review, enforce or otherwise act on any contractual terms set forth by the item manufacturer, including restrictions on sale or transfer of the item. Violating these rules may result in a temporary suspension and repeated violations may result in a permanent deletion and ban of you, your listings, your email and your IP address. If you consistently list items from this list or other non appropriate listings you will be banned. THINGS THAT YOU CAN LIST You can sell ALMOST ANYTHING on Trader Kat but we do have to set some guide lines. This is a family friendly place and we hope to keep it that way. A few items from the not allowed list have item exceptions that you may list. Basically you should not list anything you would not see at a garage sale, other auction sites, etc... See below. You can sell E-CIGARETTE HOLDERS as long as they have no cartridge or nicotine products included. BOX TOPS for schools are OK so are COUPONS and Codes. If you are the actual copyright owner or have seller rights you may list your COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS or VIRTUAL GOODS. You must state at the bottom of your listing that this is your product and that you are the copyright owner or you have resale rights. RECIPES are allowed if you are the copyright owner, it is your recipe and not copied from a book or found online. Your listing be under the Recipe category. You may only list a recipe for a maximum of two auctions at any given time. No more than 4 recipe auctions at one time per person. DIY Instructions or tutorials - No more than 2 auctions of this type per person. Old camera EXPIRED film may be listed. This is allowed but you must list the expired date and say film may or may not be good. EXPIRED GOODS and or the expiration date is close, but not passed, may be listed but put that date in your listing clearly stating the facts. REPLICA COINS may be listed but must have the word COPY or REPLICA physically stamped or marked on the coin. COLLECTIBLE BILLS and COINS are OK to list and sell. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED ADULT ITEM TOYS are prohibited. If you cant find it in a typical drug store or supermarket you can not list it! Sexually explicit material and items such as erotic entertainment magazines, illustrations, real and/or animated photos or videos with nudity and intent for arousal and eroticism and items that resemble body parts are not allowed. OFFENSIVE OR OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL is not allowed. This includes items, written materials or photographs for or against any hate group, religious group, political group, etc. ALCOHOL is not allowed. CIGARETTES or TOBACCO is not allowed. Nothing with tobacco or nicotine, this includes smokeless tobacco like chewing and dipping. Also no e-cigarette cartridge may be sold. Coupons for these products are permitted. No TRANSDERMAL PATCHES that contain nicotine. No SEEDS for tobacco, hemp or marijuana. No posts about your WEBSITE or any CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS. This includes links, solicitations or referrals to other websites, companies, organizations, groups, newsletters or mailing lists. This means no links, URLs, usernames, or references to the above in your listing title, description or photos. This rule also applies when sending information through Trader Kat’s messaging system. Also no promoting other sites via Trader Kat related forums. No CONTESTS, RAFFLES or FUNDRAISERS, this includes GoFundMe me posts unless it is endorsed and with permission from Trader Kat. No listing of any COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS or VIRTUAL GOODS of any kind. No DRUGS. This includes illegal or prescription drugs. Over the counter medications or contact lens can be listed if they are unopened and the expiration date is expressed within the auction. EXPIRED GOODS, anything that has an expiration date or “best by” date that has past can only be listed if the date is clearly listed in the auction. If an item has a FEE ASSOCIATED with it, it must be disclosed in the description. For example a gift card that has a monthly fee if not used by a certain date. ILLEGAL ITEMS, any device that is illegal to own, sell or possess may not be sold. For example cell phone jammers, switch blade knives or brass knuckles. GUNS or AMMUNITION are not permitted to be sold or listed. No listing of NON-TRANSFERRABLE VOUCHERS or CHECKS or any other item that states it is Non-Transferrable. UNAUTHORIZED COPIES are not allowed. This includes illegal use of trademarks. CASH, COINS, or PAYPAL TRANSFERS are not allowed for purchase of Trader Kat points. Trader Kat is the only official way to purchase credits. Prohibited are any FAKE, FORGED or UNAUTHENTIC memorabilia, collectibles or autographed items. This includes items such as seeds for plants that don't exist in nature, for example rainbow or blue rose seeds. You are not permitted to list any HACKING SOFTWARE, for example Windows password removal tool. No items that Trader Kat deems to be OFFENSIVE by the general public may be listed. You are allowed to drop ship however you must abide with the same shipping guidelines. You will need to mark ship and enter the tracking number in Trader Kat within the same time frame. Remember, if you don't like an auction, you don't have to bid. Move along. If you don't like a person, block and move along. If you don't agree with an auction then don't bid, move along. The site is no place for drama. Be Kind. Be Nice. Be Helpful. Be an awesome Trader Katter! Thank you!

Information for Buyers and Sellers

Information for Buyers and Sellers At Trader Kat we want you to keep in mind, this is the making of a trustworthy and honest group of people. Folks who need things for one reason or another, maybe they are down on their luck, maybe they can’t make ends meet or maybe they have plenty and just want to help others get things they need or want in a noble way. Trader Kat should be an enjoyable experience where everyone has fun and treats others the way they want to be treated. If you are on Trader Kat, you are a buyer, a seller or both. So please consider the helpful information below. We are not a large company. Trader Kat is the vision and work of one person. Thank you for being a part of this journey! Have a wonderful time! BUYERS 1. READ Read everything in the description before bidding. View the pictures carefully. Read the title and description. Ask the seller questions. If you are interested in the item, add it to your watch list. 2. SHIP TO ADDRESS When you win an item, your stored shipping address is automatically provided to the seller. If there is a shipping payment please send within 4 days of winning unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between both parties. The seller will not ship until the payment received. The seller must mail your item within 7 days of winning. This excludes holidays. 3. SHIPPING PAYMENT PayPal is the safest way to pay for shipping but only if you use PayPal Purchase Protection. This is available only when you elect to pay for goods and services. It will cost the seller about 3% commission. Some sellers may ask you to send money to friends or family because they will not be charged a commission. This is your option. If you send this way you will not get PayPal Purchase Protection. 4. BUYER POINTERS If you are interested in an auction click on Add To Watchlist that way you can find it easier by visiting your dashboard. Trader Kat gives you the option of proxy bidding. If you see an item that requires a bid of 101 points you can bid the 101 points and you might be the top bidder, but then you may not. With proxy bidding you may enter the maximum amount you want to spend on an item. Let’s say you feel good at 5000 points as the most you want to bid. Go ahead and enter 5000. Trader Kat is not going to enter that amount as your bid. It will only enter what is needed of that 5000 to make you the high bidder. Somebody else may have already bet 200 as the most they wanted. The bidding system will only enter 201 of your points and make you high bidder. Now later someone else may enter 2500 as their max. The bidding program will take that bid and then enter you at 2501 as high bidder. With Trader Kat bidding you only need to bid one point higher than the existing bid. If you bid on something and win you have entered into a contract with the seller and you must follow through. This means paying for shipping if it was required. Sending the seller the color or any information needed that is applicable to the auction. SELLERS 1. LISTING ITEMS You can only list TWO Identical items for auction at one time. You can list the same or similar auction item if it is of a different color, flavor or size different picture etc ... For one object please only list in different forms no more than Four in total - meaning two one way , two another. This includes recipes, No listing of the same item more than twice! Your auction will be deleted without warning. 2. AUCTION TITLE Make it simple and to the point. E.g. Black Heels Size 6 Brand New. The title field can not exceed 64 characters and spaces in length. 3. CATEGORY Here you have many choices. Some categories have sub-categories. Try to choose the closest that matches your item, if not there is always Other at the bottom of the list. 4. PHOTOS Take clear photos as close as you can get. Try to add photos that you would like to see as a buyer. No stock images unless you use it along with at least one of your photos. It is preferred that one of your actual photos should be listed first and would be your main auction photo. All photos must be 2 MB or less. 5. DESCRIPTION Write a very detailed description. Tell all the nice points but also any issues, blemishes, stains etc. List color, size, weight and any other information that is important. Keep in mind if you were looking for this item what would you like to know about it. When people comment and ask questions please answer them in a timely manner. 6. SHIPPING You have choices Shipping, Pickup or Digital Delivery. Within the auction posting page you will choose which option. If your auction is digital you must select the Digital Delivery option. If you select shipping you must state the cost. Next, if you will be shipping or delivering in person you have two more options to select. Put a tick mark on the way you will ship your auction. Item will be shipped or Local pickup. If you are shipping click on the drop down box add location. You have two choices Outside the United States and United States. Click on your choice. This is handy if you also want to ship to Canada just click on them one at a time. For each location click on Select a cost. You will have three choices. Free - Flat cost - Exact cost Click on your choice. If you chose flat or exact you will be able to enter the shipping amount you want for this auction. 6. OPTIONS Click on SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS. This will take you to the bidding amount and number of auction days. • RELIST The Automatically relist my auction if there are no bids option is always ticked for “yes.” If you only want to run this one time just un-check it. Your auction will only be relisted THREE times then it will be deleted and or disabled. • BIDDING Next you will have three ways to sell your item. Either Bid only, TIN ( Take it Now) only or Both. In Start Bid enter the minimum amount you will accept in payment. Remember if you are giving “free” shipping it is not really free, you will still have to pay for it. You can add it to your minimum bid. If you only get one bid you will break even. Many sellers start with one point and let the buyers decide the results. Listing is free up to 999 points. Above that and the auction page will show the fee. • TIN or Take it now . Here you can enter the amount of points you want to get. This gives the buyer the option to get a win right away and they do not have to wait until the auction is over. • AUCTION DAYS You can choose the length of your auction in the # of days drop down box. Your choice is from 3 to 10 days. No charge on this. If you would like to let it run longer you have another drop down where you can choose from 11 to 21 days. There is a 50 point charge for this. This is called TIME IS MONEY Option. 7. LOCATION Trader Kat will automatically add your state as your location. While you are posting an auction it shows your complete address this will not show on the auction page. Only the state from your stored address will be displayed. 8. SUBMIT When you are finished adding your auction info click on the SUBMIT button to get your auction started. A new screen will open to start another auction. You may also preview your auction prior to pressing submit to insure all your information is accurate and displays how you wish. 9. SELLER POINTERS • You must follow through on shipping your item regardless of the final bid amount. If there is a certain amount you need to get use this as your starting bid. • You can not decide not to ship because you dont like the person that won. If you do not want a person bidding or contacting you go to their info page and click on the block user button near the upper right of your screen. • Be sure you package your items properly for safe delivery. We highly recommend providing delivery/tracking confirmation to protect you both. DO not attempt to list anything illegal. Be Nice. Be Kind. Be Helpful. Thank you!

Feedback - Giving and Receiving

Feedback ( Giving and Receiving) When and how do I leave feedback? Feedback is left after the win and delivery of the item is received. You can leave Positive, Neutral or Negative rating and write comments. Can Trader Kat change a feedback rating that someone left for me? Feedback comments that are given by a user are considered genuine. Therefore, Trader Kat does not edit feedback comments unless they contain: • Personal information about another member • Comments that do not reference the relevant listing • Profane, inflammatory, vulgar, obscene or racist remarks How can I change the feedback I left for another user? I made a mistake. If you need to change feedback you already left due to an error, please contact us via a support request. We will look at the circumstances and may be able to change it for you. The request must be received within 30 days from the end of the listing. After 30 days has passed, we cannot change your feedback. Why can’t I leave feedback? If you are a seller, the ability to leave feedback for the winner becomes available to you once the auction has been closed for at least 20 days, or the winner confirms they have received their item by clicking the Got It! button. If you are a winner on an auction, please confirm that you have received the item by clicking the Got it! on the auction page. The feedback button will become available to the seller at that point.