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A team of people wanting to help others get what they need for trading stuff they don't want or need! (No Bosses here!)

Trader Kat is named after our family cat TAZ. He has attitude but is so handsome you can not resist him. He loves attention but only on his terms. He is a rescue Maine Coon and weighs around 18-20 pounds. Trader Kat is a dream of one woman. To be able to help others get nice things and things they need or want without having money. We all have items we have been given that we don't wear or use or want, things that are cluttering up our lives. We all have talents and gifts. Maybe we have things we can make or draw or family recipes. You can post anything earn credits and use those credits to buy things you do need. We are hoping you will love the site. We hope to add fun to it for you. We welcome feedback and ideas. Thank you so very much for joining Trader Kat.